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Almost two decades of conflict has left its mark on our bravest warriors. Returning home after multiple deployments and extended absences is difficult for even the "strongest" of warriors and the most loving of families. 
Living Free is committed to providing active, non-active & retired patriot families with the life skills and support necessary to face their next BIG adventure in life together. 


R & R


 Reconnecting Events
Fun experiences for families to make memories and stay connected to each other and their community.
  *All ages welcome

Healing Through Comedy
4 week writing workshop designed to help adult participants share their stories in positive ways.

Family Retreats 
Opportunities for Living Free families to practice what they are learning in the supportive environment of Wildrock in Crozet.  Themes vary.

   * All ages welcome

4-week Workshop for Couples
Dance+Yoga+Team Building=
An interactive experience designed to assist committed couples, children, and teens as they become better communicators and partners in life

 Focus II: Practical workshops for adults about finances, career development and mindfulness 
*All ages welcome
6-week Family Enrichment
Art+ Tai Chi + Team Building =

 This creative workshop designed to encourage & equip families with the relational tools necessary for a thriving future together
Fearless I: Finding your Family's Mission and Purpose
Fearless III: Taking Our Family to the Next Level
Dr.Dan Elash

Fearless II: Parenting Strategies for the Modern Military
Carolyn Schuler & Chris Walker
*All ages welcome


Feel free to share invitations with your friends, family and collegues any time.  All of our programs are inclusive and open to all those who have served our country at anytime anywhere in the world and their family members.  

Download and start sharing TODAY!

Fearless Family 

If you are a vet or love a vet or have served our country in any way; there have been times when you thought , "What have I gotten myself into?!" with regard to your family.   Fearless Family exists to help families be the best families they can be.  For 6 weeks we will engage, imagine and enjoy our families for what they are and what they can be! 
Dinner and activities for all ages.  Childcare provided  upon request.

For more information or to register go to:

NEW Care Group

Loving someone with PTSD can be rewarding and exhausting.  Join us during our regular Fearless and FOCUS events as we share time and wisdom with other caregivers while learning new ways to live more free.  
This group is for caregivers or adult children.  Meals and programs available for all ages.
Register at: 

Teen Time

As we enter our third year of Livng Free Programs for Military Families, we want to aknowledge the emotional burden that our teens are carrying alongside their parents.  
This break out session will offer some mindfullness training paired with some good information and reflection based on the book, Finding My Way.  If a teen has a parent who has expereinced trauma, this is the group for them. 

For kids 12 and up will coinside  with our  regular Fearless and FOCUS programming for all ages.
For more information or to register go to:

NEW Adult Leadership Group

For adults returning to Fearless and FOCUS this year, Living Free will be offering a breakout session intended to help participants realize the amazing potential that is in all of us. 
 The group will be based on a John Maxwell book about leadership and will be lead by Bill Tornrose. This group promises to be quite enlightening and empowering.

Adults can be assured that this session will coinside  with our regular Fearless and FOCUS programming for all ages.
For more information or to register go to:

What have we learned?
What are we looking forward to?
Why do we attend?
" Living Free has been a wonderful program for our family. We spent time together creating thoughtful projects in which every member of the family had equal importance and input. The program made us reflect on what each person brings to the family unit and helped us focus on what role each of us plays. The program definitely brought us closer together and gave us the tools to help support each other. It was nice to make new friends of families in similar situations and eat a healthy meal together.  The facilitators are warm and friendly. I would highly recommend this program. It has really helped us as a family."

Ret. Army
“This program gives us the opportunity to learn as a family about how to communicate and plan better. It provides us with the challenge to observe and identify areas where we can improve our family together. ”
  US Army
  Currently Deployed
“We are learning to work together as a family/team. This is huge in our relationship. During deployments you learn to live and function independently. We have learned that mutual respect= mutual happiness= family happiness!  We have learned to be considerate and LISTEN to others. We are wholeheartedly committed to moving forward and not letting the past hinder our progression.

I am really looking forward to the future not just getting through this duty station or the day to day routine.”

 ​US AF Ret
 3 Deployments
Fearless & FOCUS Family Groups




Tai Chi

Team Building Training


Thriving Familes


 There is always something going on around town with Living Free.  Check out our newsletter to find out where you need to be!
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Schedule of Events

Sunday Feb 18th 3:30-5pm
All ages of current & former service men & women & their family members are welcome
RSVP by Sat Feb 17 or 804 218 5505
First game and shoes are on us!

FEARLESS Family Group: Monday Nights: Mar 5 - Apr 16, 2018
(no programs on Apr 2nd) 
5:30 - 8:00pm
550 Buck Mtn Rd Earlysville Va 22936 Upper Room
Dinner, family activities, adult life coaching and children's activities provided

Fearless I: Finding your Family's Mission and Purpose
Leadership Workshop
Care Group for Caregivers-When Someone you Love Struggles with PTSD
Teen Groups- Yoga or Zorn Vongal LARP

Mar 17th 
Camping Optional

*FREE to all current and former US Military service personnel & family
Childcare for infants available upon request

FOCUS: Monday Nights: Apr 23- May 14, 2018 
550 Buck Mtn Rd Earlysville Va 22936 Upper Room
Dinner, Yoga, Life Coaching, Care Groups and children's activities provided

*FREE to all current and former US Military service personnel & family
Childcare  for infants available upon request
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